Land Utility and Management Services

Assistance in Procuring Agriculture Land

To purchase lands in certain states of India, besides being an Indian citizen one has to have a farmer status or agricultural status/certificate. We provide advisory and services that will help towards your acquisition of such lands.

Fencing & Name Signage on Property

Most second home bungalow plots or owned parcel of Lands are majorly on the outskirts of city limits and require constant monitoring to avoid encroachments and to establish ownership.

One of the simpler ways of establishing ownership and dissuade encroachments is to construct fencing around your property. This not only helps in securing your property but also adds value to your investment.

Legal Opinion on Land

Is your Property free from all encumbarance? Which zone does it fall under? Does it fall under any restricted zone like forest or adivasi Land? Are there any government reservations on the land? Are the Titles of the Land clear? The foundation of all property investments lies in its legalities and for sure the seller will always try to convince you that the documents are all doubly sure by taking a third party legal opinion and vetting the legal documents of the property through a professional lawyer who is impartial and will deliver to you nothing but the truth.

Purchase Opinion on Land

Want to purchase a piece land/plot but still not sure if it will give you the desired returns? Is it a long term investment or does it have the potential to turnaround returns in a shorter span? Should I invest in land or an apartment? Does the location have enough appreciation triggers? We will help you in answering all such questions based on facts, figures and logistics. A totally unbiased opinion that will help you make a more informed decision towards your need for investing.

Cultivation on Land

We assist you in identifying the soil and suggesting suitable crops/trees/plantations to grow on your owned land/plot. In certain areas of Maharashtra & Goa we provide the concept of contract farming. Turn your land/plot investment into a recurring income generating source. Also adds more appreciation value to your land/plot besides the tax benefits.

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